I Packed Up + Went

Posted by KaraBautch |15 Sep 18 |

I Packed Up + Went

About six weeks ago, I realized that I needed a break. I needed a vacation to recharge my engine.

We had our largest fundraising event coming up in less than two months, so I knew that wherever I went needed to be fun, close by, and a short getaway.

As I searched the internet for inspiring ideas, my brain was exhausted from work and from trying to find my next short-stay vacay.

There has to be someone who can do this for me.

I searched and I found!

I stumbled across Pack Up + Go – a travel agency that provides short, three-day trips to travelers. The kicker, you don’t know where you are going until you get to the airport!

I signed up.

The process was easy! I selected my dates and a budget then answered a questionnaire (that may or may not hinted toward the Pacific Northwest…) and off I went!

As soon as I clicked ‘purchase’ it hit me. I’d never traveled alone for fun before. I’ve always been with family/friends or for work/school! This would be three days of leisure travel – alone.

When I called my mom the next morning to tell her what I’d done, I think she had a moment. I assured her I would be ok. I’m traveling in America, it’s just three days, I’ll have cell service.

A week before my trip I got an email with the weather forecast, what to pack and where to be: the airport at 5:30 a.m.

The day before my trip I received a packet that told me not to open it until I was at the airport. Now, being the kid who would hunt and tactfully unwrap presents at Christmas time to see what they were, I’m proud to say that I did not peek – not once!

As my mom dropped me off at the airport, I stood on the curb and opened my packet – SEATTLE!

Early Morning Surprise!

I’d always wanted to visit and was thrilled that I would finally be able to go!

I had the window seat during the flight. There is nothing like those few moments before landing where you are able to see the beautiful skyline of the city you are about the explore. There is always so much excitement! Seattle was no different, the sea and city were breathtaking as we began to land.

I stayed at the lovely Andra Hotel, a boutique hotel within walking distance of Pike Place. It was perfect and centrally located! The hotel staff were so friendly and made me feel like I had people looking out for me as I ventured out into the world.

Seattle Highlights Included:

  • A tire blowing out on the tram to the Space Needle.
    • I’m happy to say a train full of passengers kept their cool as we heard and saw a loud bang, flames and smoke. Turns out, the tire blew out and we slowly made our way to our destination, even though we were high above the ground.
  • The Space Needle
    • I’m always one for a beautiful view and I’m happy to report that this did not disappoint. The weather was perfect for viewing on the Skydeck.
  • Dinner at Purple Wine Bar
    • Not only is Purple my favorite color, but the restaurant had delicious food and wine. This was a reservation Pack Up + Go made for me.
  • Enjoying a cappuccino and macaroons down by the waterfront after a stroll through Pike Place Market.
  • A great underground tour of Seattle – I learned about the city beneath the city!
  • Early morning ferry ride to Bainbridge Island with a stroll through the Bloedel Reserve with some delicious Fish & Chips for lunch down by the water.
  • Museum of Pop Culture.
    • They had an entire sound lab where you could play all different types of instruments including the drums, guitar and keyboard. You could even record vocals! Let’s just say my dream of becoming a pop star came true… then I quickly realized why I have yet to become the next superstar – I’ll save my singing for the car!
  • Dinner at the Pink Door – a great and hidden Italian place.
    • While there, I met a man who was involved with Make-A-Wish in Boston but was in Seattle for work! I believe it is true- one in three people have had some sort of interaction with Make-A-Wish!

Seattle was an incredible experience. As I was exploring the city and enjoying my time there, I thought, perhaps this is my warm-up trip for a solo European adventure. Perhaps I’ll finally take the plunge and travel overseas alone. Stay tuned!

I’m so grateful for the opportunity to explore new places and meet new people.

Travel often – it helps you grow.