I’m Kara.

I have a passion for telling stories, building brands, planning memorable events and bringing people together.

For more than a decade, I’ve had the opportunity to help organizations reach their goals by creating strategic marketing and communications plans. From securing local and national media coverage to developing integrated marketing campaigns – my personal mission is to work to create something incredible.

I believe that by building people up, you can achieve amazing results together.

Specialties Include:
Advertising • Brand Management • Budgeting • Communications • Community Relations • Content Creation • Crisis Communications • Creative/Collaborative Brainstorming • Digital Marketing • Event Planning/Marketing • Graphic Design • Internal/External Communications • Marketing • Project Management • Public Relations • Relationship Management • Strategic Planning • Social Media • Storytelling • Team Management • Writing • Web Development

Additional Skills:
Dog Mom • World Traveler • Outdoor Enthusiast • Yogi • Music Addict • Avid Reader • Comedy Show Attendee 



My Blog


I Packed Up + Went

About six weeks ago, I realized that I needed a break. I needed a vacation to recharge my engine. We

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Travel Lessons – 30s Edition

As I reflect back on my first solo trip to Europe, my main thought is why didn’t I do this

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Euro Trip – Solo Edition (Amsterdam/London)

As I arrived in Amsterdam, I was met with a mix of emotions. This was my last major stop before

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Euro Trip – Solo Edition (Budapest)

I left Vienna disappointed in myself. I did not plan correctly. I did not give the country a chance. I

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Euro Trip – Solo Edition (Vienna)

I stood in the rain at my hotel in Prague, willing my Uber driver to arrive. Please don’t let me

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Euro Trip – Solo Edition (Prague)

Prague. Wheels Down. This was it. Now, I was on my own for three whole countries. Three countries where the

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