Euro Trip – Solo Edition (Prague)

Posted by KaraBautch |19 May 19 |

Euro Trip – Solo Edition (Prague)


Wheels Down.

This was it.

Now, I was on my own for three whole countries. Three countries where the primary language was not English (ok, yes, everyone speaks it….but still). I was going to navigate, explore and put my language skills to the test!

Ahoj! Prosím! Děkuju!

As I left the airport (thank you, hired driver), we drove to my hotel in the city, I noticed how lush and green everything was. I also saw mothers and daughters dressed in witch costumes walking into a large park as we passed by.

I asked the driver what was happening.

“Burning of the Witches” he replied.

Woah, slow down Salem Witch Trials.

Turns out, it’s a Pagan tradition celebrated on the last night of April to ward off any evil that may have arrived during the winter months and to curse off the cold. (More about that here ) Today, it’s a fun tradition with music, food and more.

I arrived at Design Hotel Jewel (highly recommend!) and was delighted with the charm the boutique hotel had to offer. After quickly settling in, I ventured out into the great unknown.

Turns out, Prague is very, very well known… by thousands of tourists. Yes, I had expected this, but I guess I didn’t think there would be so many people in the middle of the week! It was like Disneyland!

Prague’s cobblestone charm is met with original architecture – it is BEAUTIFUL! The buildings were preserved during World War II (Hitler had wanted to use the city as an example of his version of Utopia…what a creep.)

An evening was well spent walking along Charles Bridge with a Trdelník and enjoying a glass of wine atop Dancing House. The views and ambiance were magical.

After time spent in the city, I ventured out to accomplish a bucket list item: hike in a national park.

I joined a small group tour through Northern Hikes (another one I recommend). We did a 10-mile hike in the Bohemian Switzerland National Park. Although a bit cloudy and rainy, the views were stunning as we reached the Pravcicka Gate. Halfway through, we stopped for a delicious lunch and ended the day with a boat ride down a small river – enjoying the beautiful sandstone formations that surrounded us. We even took a detour to Germany on the way home! What a treat to visit another country and drive on the Autobahn all in one day! More items knocked off my bucket list!

My final day in Prague was spent exploring the city a bit further. I enjoyed a free walking tour, explored the castle and took the most interesting Yoga class I’ve ever experienced.

My favorite part was when I got lost after exploring the castle. I ended up in Petrin Park (I believe) and was greeted with an outdoor café with stunning views of Prague. My favorite memory is sitting, overlooking the city with a glass of wine and “La Vie En Rose” by Louis Armstrong playing in the background.

Thank you, Prague for reminding me that the best adventures are often found when you are lost.