Euro Trip – Solo Edition (Vienna)

Posted by KaraBautch |21 May 19 |

Euro Trip – Solo Edition (Vienna)

I stood in the rain at my hotel in Prague, willing my Uber driver to arrive.

Please don’t let me miss my train! Please don’t let me miss my train!

My type-A mind began racing as to what would happen if I didn’t make it.

I took a deep breath and stopped myself.

“There will always be another train.”

Words my lovely friend had spoken a few days prior in London.

He was right.

Why was I freaking out? There will always be another way to get to your end destination. Just because I was alone, didn’t mean that anything would be any different. I’ll get there.

As my new buddy Igor arrived in his black car, I jumped in the Uber and told him I had 12 minutes before my train left.

If I was proud of navigating the London tube wearing my backpack, let me tell you, I was even prouder that I was able to sprint with a 40+ pound pack on my back and a smaller backpack on my front through the Prague train station. (Yes, I probably looked like a weirdo.)

I made my train with two minutes to spare. (Shout out to Igor!)

Trains are mostly new territory for me… but I had a lovely time. I was able to watch the city pass me by as we went through the countryside. I sat next to a Ukrainian man who didn’t chat much but was excited to go to Vienna with his friends for a long weekend.

When I arrived, I had 24 hours in Vienna. I did not plan properly.

My adventure started out navigating the Tube and walking about 20 minutes to Belvedere Palace. As I explored the grounds, I was reminded that I am much more of an architecture person than an art person. I think I lasted 30 minutes.

I then walked around aimlessly looking for a place to eat.

Twenty minutes later, I plopped down at a table in an empty restaurant that looked promising.

Boy was I right! I had the best schnitzel and potato salad I’d ever experienced! (It was only the second time…but that’s neither here nor there…)

After a late lunch, I ventured into Stadt Park and enjoyed the view, until it started to rain.

As a Southern Californian, I tried my best to battle the stereotype but after 10 minutes of increasing droplets, I channeled my inner Randy Jackson and thought, “Yeah, that’s a no from me dawg…” and headed back to my hotel.

I ended my night snuggled up watching the German edition of Dancing with the Stars.

Usually, I would never spend the few hours I have in a city watching TV and relaxing, but I realized that rest is part of the journey.

My last morning in Vienna was spent discovering there was a four-hour wait at Schönbrunn Palace, strolling through Naschmarkt (aka a Swap Meet/Flea Market), grabbing a coffee and a hot dog as I strolled the streets.

Dearest Vienna, I’m sorry I did not plan for you properly. I will be back.