Euro Trip – Solo Edition (Budapest)

Posted by KaraBautch |23 May 19 |

Euro Trip –  Solo Edition (Budapest)

I left Vienna disappointed in myself. I did not plan correctly. I did not give the country a chance.

I was determined to make Budapest amazing, even if the weather forecast was for pouring rain and 45-degree weather.

As the train pulled into the station in Budapest, I was quickly reminded of the toll the communist rule took on the country. The train station was run-down and I felt like I was pulling into another time.

I navigated my way to the tube station (thank you, Google Maps which I studied numerous times – I’d read to not trust street taxi drivers.) I easily found my way to the tube and bought my ticket. I was so grateful for learning how to purchase tickets and navigate the system in London!

I made my way to Hotel Gellert, a historic hotel that opened in 1918 and then fell to a government takeover in 1919. The hotel is historic, that’s for sure. My room felt like something out of the 30s with a small twin bed and green bedspread.

On my first evening in Budapest, I braved the rain and went on an evening river cruise. As we made our way up and down the Danube, I sat in awe at all of the historic buildings that were lit up to perfection. Although rainy and cold, it was perfect!

The following day, I went on a walking tour (after buying an umbrella in the gift store of course…) and learned more about all that the city had been through. I decided to play tourist and made my way to the famous New York Café, where I waited in line for nearly 40 minutes (It only bothered me for about 15 when I was in the rain, the other part was ok because I was warm and inside- but it was still one of the longest times I’d ever waited for a table.) I had the most delicious chocolate cake ever – it may have also been because the wait was so long.

After my sweet treat, I spent the afternoon at the Gellert Thermal Baths. The architecture was beautiful, yet the place was crowded with people. I enjoyed the amenities and had a massage to celebrate being halfway through my trip.

The following day I explored the Central Market where I ran into one of my fellow hikers from Prague. I also visited the shoes on the Danube and Szimpla Kert, a famous ruin bar. After hours of rain and a broken umbrella, I tapped out and had lunch before my flight to Amsterdam.

Although my experience was cold and rainy, I have to say szeretlek Budapest.

I will be back.