Ray Ray Meets Dak Prescott

Ray Ray’s wish to meet the Dallas Cowboys and Dak Prescott came at an unexpected time, yet was one of the most challenging and rewarding wishes I have worked on.

Chapters across the nation submit wishes to be included in ESPN’s ‘My Wish’ series. I thought none of my children had been selected so I didn’t expect a call from our national office at the beginning of June. A child that had been slated for the series had to back out. We had a kid who wished to meet Dak Prescott of the Cowboys, could we throw something together and film next week?

I had less than seven days to come up with a TV worthy wish reveal that included some sort of community involvement. Ray Ray’s family was on board to help in any way possible. They connected me with Santa Ana Pop Warner and we created a fake event to get Ray Ray and his teammates together. Then, I had to work through the city of Santa Ana to obtain permits, which usually take longer than three days to obtain. Additionally, we needed a space to film – luckily one of our board members owns the Hyatt in Huntington Beach and offered his Presidential Suite for a day of filming at no cost.

The amount of people that came together to make this wish possible was absolutely incredible!

Video Here.

  • Client - ESPN
  • Date - June 2017
  • Skills/Tools Used - Project Management, Event Planning, Storytelling
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