Shayla Takes Over The Boris And Nicole Show

Shayla, 13, is one of the most articulate kids I have ever met. After years of enduring numerous treatments and spending time in and out of the hospital, she became passionate about Journalism and encouraging others to be true to themselves.

While being treated at CHOC Children’s Hospital in Orange County she ┬ábegan to realize that kids don’t always act like themselves under the bright florescent lights of their hospital rooms. Shayla, being the firecracker that she is, started her ‘Juss Bee U’ movement which encourages kids to always be themselves, regardless of what they are going through. She even makes bracelets for the children to serve as a constant reminder to always be yourself.

Additionally, she had the opportunity to interview celebrities and guests on the internal radio station (Seacrest Studios) at CHOC to learn more about others and what they have gone through.

With Shayla’s passion for Journalism and her movement, it was no surprise that her wish was to have her own talk show and to let others know about Juss Bee U.

After hearing this wish story, we were able to pitch it to the Boris and Nicole show and secure the spot. I cannot express how amazing the show and its producers were to work with in order to make Shayla’s wish an incredible experience, and to spread the word about Make-A-Wish.

The episode aired July 7, 2015 on FOX.

  • Client - The Boris And Nicole Show
  • Date - July 2015
  • Skills/Tools Used - Storytelling, Placed Media, Media Relations, Project Management
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